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Hi There

I'm Renee, and I love stories.

Big stories, little stories, fiction, real life, all of it. Most importantly, I love helping my clients tell their stories, whatever those stories look like. The intricate details, the paths that have lead everyone to where they are now; things like that make up who we are and who our family is. As humans, we find connection in stories. In today’s digital age, connection to other humans is so important.

I have a laid back, but professional approach. I work with you to craft your visual story. I love to connect with my clients and learn what brought them to where they are right now. Whether it’s Family Photography, photographing your Wedding Day or helping you craft your Brand Position with photography, I am eager to help.

I love using photography to tell the stories of my life and of others, to strengthen human connections. 

I would be honored to create photographs that tell your story.