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Lessons Learned: When Risk Pays Off

Risk has been something I’ve avoided at all cost for a large portion of my life. I really, really dislike it, it was always too scary for me. But 3 years ago, in attempt to push myself and try new things, I decided to enter a photography contest. It’s free, but it’s a gigantic contest. This year, there were over 500,000 images entered. That’s a HUGE number of photographs!!

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Sledding: Sixty Seconds of Motion

As a general rule, I dislike any month of the year where the average temperature is below 60 degrees. So when it feels like January flew by, I couldn’t be happier (I’m truly part of Team Summer). And though I really dislike the cold (and I’m being very generous in describing it as “dislike”), there’s something about seeing the excitement snow brings my daughter that will make me put on my warmest clothes and brave an hour or 2 in the cold for her. r.

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Nature Walks: Sixty Seconds of Motion

I am super-excited to share a new project with you today and a challenge I’m taking part in. I have been studying and creating Documentary Family Films since last April and I finally have one to share with you today. I’ve been obsessed for years now with capturing pieces of our every day and my daughter’s childhood. Creating these films allows me to preserve our memories in ways photographs just don’t quite capture.

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