Filling the Bucket of a Family and Wedding Photographer: Creative Nature Photography in Kansas


As a Family and Wedding Photographer, I’ve come to realized that my creative juices are re-filled by photographing landscape and nature scenes. I’m unsure if it’s the introverted side of me that enjoys walking in solitude, having time with my thoughts and to notice little details in nature, or if it’s that with nature, for the most part, flowers, plants and landscapes stay still and I don’t have to chase them around like I do toddlers.

One quick thing I want to mention, I’ve joined with some super talented photographers for a blog circle, so make sure to check that out at the end of my post!

At any rate, in the last year, these little treks on my own have created so much peace and beauty in my life. I tend to take on other’s sorrows and heartache as my own, and, in all honesty, sometimes our world seems so divided, hateful and spiteful that it just makes me weary. But when I get out in Creation and watch the evening light move over flowers or dead grasses, see the bees and beetles climb over the plants searching for pollen or the last bit of food and just observe the sunset, honestly all those heart breaking, frustrating, exhausting moments just melt away.

In writing this blog post, I culled images to go with it and it’s going to be really difficulty to choose only a few. So bear with me as you look through the images below. I’ve created them over the last year (yep, even in the freezing cold of December, January and February) and if I’m being honest with myself, have quite a bit of emotional attachment to these images. All photographed in Kansas, mostly in my town of Manhattan, but a few in the Kansas City area too, which just proves how pretty Kansas really is (check out that sunset at the end).

I hope you enjoyed those images. I have so many good memories from these “jaunts” in the last year, so it definitely is difficult to choose to exclude some.

Now for the blog circle I mentioned earlier. I’ve joined with some incredible photographers for this circle, so make sure you check out my friend, Annika, who is an incredible photographer in Maida Vale, London. Her blog post is about her amazing and beautiful underwater photography. Check out her post, I’ve dabbled in underwater photography off and on these last 2 summers and her art is truly incredible!!

Till next time…

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