Kaci + Brian: Engagement Photography Session


I absolutely love Love Stories. I mean those real, true love stories. Not so much the sappy ones with cheesy lines you see in the movies. I’m talking stories where you know without a doubt a couple was meant to be. That is how Brian and Kaci’s story is and their Engagement Photography Session was filled with so many beautiful moments!

Their story started when Kaci went on a missions trip to Africa to help kids living in extreme poverty. Two years later, she went back, this time leading the Team from her Church. And this time, Brian was on the Team she was leading. They hit it off on the trip, with training and meetings and then while serving together.

When they returned home, the connection grew with emails and chats about the trip. Kaci told me “Our church is huge. If Brian hadn’t gone on the trip, I doubt I would have ever met him. It was completely meant to be.”

That, my friends, is a beautiful story of how fate stepped in and put two people on a path to meet each other.

Kaci told me that, five years ago, they were both fairly independent, doing their own thing. And now, they have their own little family with their sweet Golden Retriever pup, Gus.

Their Engagement Session was so much fun. We went to Heritage Park in Olathe, Kansas. Kaci and Brian enjoy that park and like to take Gus there for walks. The Silo at Heritage Park, right next to the Fishing Pond, is one of the Park’s most iconic features. There was so much joy and laughter and just plain fun at their Engagement Session. Their wedding will be a blast, I just know it.

Till next time…

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