Henningson Family: Lifestyle Session at Tuttle Creek Lake


My absolute favorite types of sessions are one where my clients break from the “norm” and want to capture themselves doing something they love. That’s just what we did for the Henningson Family. Jamie is a returning client and, in the past, I was able to photograph she and her kids doing something they love: mountain biking. Jamie is an avid mountain biker who’s won several competitions. It’s something she’s taught her children to do and they absolutely love it.

This time, she wanted to add paddle boarding to our session. Those of you who know me know that I LOVE the lake, the beach, the pool, basically anything having to do with water. Photographing them paddle boarding sounded so unconventionally fun, how could I pass that up?

We chose an evening and set out to Cottonwood Trail at River Pond at Tuttle Creek State Park. It was early August, so everything was still green from all the rain we’d had over the summer. In the past few years since we’d captured her family together, Jamie started teaching Mountain Biking classes to older children and teens. I loved hearing about her passion, teaching the kids about something she loved, encouraging them in fitness along the way.

That evening turned out to be even more perfect because the spectacular Kansas sunset showed off for us. One of my absolute favorite composition techniques is to play with reflections on water, glass, the shiny wood floor in my home (when I remember to clean it…), they’re all so much fun. The River Pond area at Tuttle Creek Lake was beautifully still for us. Though the sun was sitting behind me, the beautiful color was bouncing off the clouds behind the Henningsons resulting in amazing images.

I truly love capturing clients interacting together. And as a mother, I know how important it is to give your babies some evidence of your time with them. We love our kids fiercely and time with them is often the oasis we need in a hectic and crazy life. As parents, we want to give our children memories of time with us to hold on to long after we’re gone. Photographing your favorite family activities gives them something tangible to look at for years to come.

Till next time…

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