Rachel+Deen: Coffeehouse and Park Family Photography Session in Manhattan, KS


I’m fairly certain I’ve said it before, but I really enjoy it when clients are up for an unconventional setting for their photography session. Rachel came to me about a session with her husband and their pup, but wanted more than “just” the park. She and Deen had been married a couple years, but their wedding photos were the most recent pictures of them.

We had a little brainstorming session and came up with the idea of starting at a coffee house and then ending at a walk with their pup at their favorite park. Radina’s Coffeehouse is well known in our town for having amazing coffee and a great small town atmosphere. So, we met up there to start. I’ll just clear this up for any future clients: anytime our session has coffee in it, I’m game, no questions asked.

Wasn’t that just the sweetest session? How about you, do you have a favorite shop or place to visit with your loved ones? Head on over to Start Your Story and tell me about it. I bet we could capture some really sweet memories for you too.

Till next time…

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