Moreland Wedding: Manhattan KS

In October, I had the privilege of capturing the sweetest wedding. These two met through mutual friends, from two separate places. In fact, had their friends never collaborated, they may have never met. Don’t you just love “chance” stories like that??

The wedding was at the First Lutheran Church in Manhattan, where the bride had played the organ for years. This is an absolutely gorgeous church, the architecture and stained glass are simply gorgeous.

These two love birds were so excited for their day, with friends and family. Capturing just the two of them was the easiest thing ever. And the way he stared at her was the sweetest.

A widower and widow, they both were involved with their children and grandchildren and are so adored by many. They spent that beautiful day surrounded by their loved ones. Their grandchildren were their bridal party (how cute is that?!?) and it was truly a “coming together” of two separate, beautiful families.

Of course, with any wedding, you can’t fail to mention the flowers! These are simple, yet beautiful and their color added to the beauty of the day!

Like I said earlier, these two were surrounded by friends and family to celebrate their beautiful wedding. There was not a dry eye in the house (including this photographer!) as the Officiants spoke about their past families and how this marriage is the melding of two people and two families, in a much deeper sense than most weddings. There is such beauty in that to me! How our pasts, no matter what they entail, can come together in love and form something beautiful and new. I love the hope and beauty in that.

I love photographing weddings and this one was no exception. There’s so much excitement and just pure love involved in the coming together of two families. I was honored to be a part of this day and capture the joy, hope and love of these two, their friends and family.

Till next time…

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