Moving Portrait: Mini-Keepsake Documentary Photography Film


One reason I started creating Documentary Films was to capture pieces of my daughter’s personality and our lives that photography couldn’t quite capture. Though I love Documentary and Lifestyle Photography, things like the way she walked or played were lost in still images. When I was introduced to videography and filming life, things just seemed to click.

One quick note, I’ve joined with other amazing photographers in a blog circle of posts. So watch for that link below and make sure to check them out!

This past April, I joined a film challenge through Filming Life Academy to create a Mini-Keepsake Film. What is a Keepsake Film, you ask? It's a short video, capturing a moment in time for someone or something you live. For me, I used 3 things I love: our backyard, evening light and my daughter.

I created this film for her, to capture her love of exploring, digging and playing in our backyard. For me, it was a desperately needed time of creativity. I've struggled with a wide range of emotions in the last few months. But the light, the greenery and my little playing collided that week in perfect timing.

This Keepsake Film is my love letter for her. When I get bogged down with life, with choices, with work, exhausted by emotions and struggles of my loved ones, she is my oasis. When she was tiny, I struggled taking on the "mom" role and have worked through quite a bit of guilt with that. When I think of how strong my love for her is, I realize it was there all along. It just took a little bit to bloom. She is so very good for my heart.

While I created this film as part of Filming Life Academy’s KeepSake Challenge, it was also featured in their Filming Life Academy Member’s #6FilmChallenge Project for the theme “Moving Portraits”. I am so incredibly honored to be featured among so many other amazing film makers in this challenge!

I hope you enjoy my film. If you’re interested in a Keepsake Film of your own, of someone (or thing!) in your life that you love, let me know by clicking on Start Your Story and sending me a quick message. I’d really enjoy creating a Mini-Keepsake Film for you too.


Now for the blog circle I mentioned earlier. I’ve joined with some incredible photographers for this circle, so make sure you check out my friend Alyssa who is an amazing Birth Photographer and Videographer from Vancouver, Canada. She wrote about a Postpartum Photography Session and I think all moms will find they can identify with some pieces of this session. Plus, there’s the added bonus of 2 day old newborn baby sweetness. So please check it out!

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