Nature Walks: Documentary Photography and Film


I am super-excited to share a new project with you today and a challenge I’m taking part in. I have been studying and creating Documentary Family Films since last April and I finally have one to share with you today. I’ve been obsessed for years now with capturing pieces of our every day and my daughter’s childhood. Creating these films allows me to preserve our memories in ways photographs just don’t quite capture.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love creatively capturing our every day and creating amazing images for my clients to place on their walls! But these videos stretch me, they use a creative side of my brain that I never knew existed. Plus, I’m able to catch pieces of my daughter’s personality in a way photographs can’t quite capture.

Documentary Lifestyle image of toddler on bridge. Captured by Manhattan Kansas Photographer, Renee McDaniel
Documentary Lifestyle Photograph of a toddler holding a butterfly. Captured by Manhattan Kansas Photographer, Renee McDaniel
Documentary Lifestyle image of toddler jumping in the air on Linear Trail. Captured by Manhattan Kansas Photographer, Renee McDaniel

My daughter and I love to go out exploring new parks and paths around our town. A few weeks ago, we went out just a few hours before sunset to one of my favorite trails. The light at this time of day is just beautiful. Most of the time while walking this path, my daughter alternates between all out running and suddenly stopping to check out something on the ground. Since we were only a week or 2 into October, there were still some grasshoppers, fun grasses, dying flowers and other interesting things on our journey.

The most amazing was a butterfly we found. I’m guessing it died from the cold the night before, as it was laying perfectly on it’s side in the trail. My daughter found it and inspected every bit of it. She and I both love butterflies and this one was perfectly preserved. It was one of those times I was so excited to capture her wonder and curiosity while inspecting it.

The film I created from our walk is sixty seconds long…which was much more difficult to create than it sounds! I hope you enjoy it and I hope it creates a sense of wonder at just how beautiful nature is.


Now more about the challenge I’m taking part of: A few months ago, I joined a “blog circle” of photographers challenging themselves to shoot a sixty second film. So please, after you enjoy my film, click the link to view Nikki’s blog with Olive Shoot Photography and the Sixty Seconds of Motion Film she created of her sweet family’s recent trip to the zoo.

Till next time…

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