Sledding: Sixty Seconds of Motion

As a general rule, I dislike any month of the year where the average temperature is below 60 degrees. So when it feels like January flew by, I couldn’t be happier (I’m truly part of Team Summer). And though I really dislike the cold (and I’m being very generous in describing it as “dislike”), there’s something about seeing the excitement snow brings my daughter that will make me put on my warmest clothes and brave an hour or 2 in the cold for her.

I feel like we’ve gotten quite a bit of snow this year, so when we woke up to 3 inches of freshly fallen snow on a Saturday morning, the Husband and I decided introducing our daughter to “sledding” might be a fun way to embrace the cold and wet. I thought this would be the perfect “project” for my Sixty Second film for January.

Playing in the snow. Captured by best Lifestyle Family Photographer, Renee McDaniel in Manhattan, Kansas.
Coming back up the hill after sledding down. Captured by best Lifestyle Family Photographer, Renee McDaniel in Manhattan, Kansas.
Seconds before launching at the top of the hill! Captured by best Lifestyle Family Photographer, Renee McDaniel in Manhattan, Kansas.

This film was extra fun for me in a couple ways, the biggest of which is, I got in the frame. I handed the camera off to my husband, told him where to point it and how to turn on the video and then let go. Now, you should know, it’s a huge step for me to let go and let someone else click the shutter button. I’ve said before, I’m a control-freak when it comes to my art. Even though I’ve handed my camera off to The Hubs before, so I can be in our memories too, shooting video is almost 180 degrees different than shooting still images. There are loads of other technical things to consider and I had to let go of all of them, just for a chance to be in this film of our family. This time, letting go completely paid off and I think it turned out fantastic. So watch for me in a couple clips, sledding with my kiddo. (Side “Camera Man” credit to my sweet Man. Thanks, Babe, for being my “tripod”.)

Before I send you over to my film, make sure to stick around after and follow the blog loop I’m a part of. This Sixty Seconds of Motion film challenge is quite possibly the best thing that happened to my videography skills last year.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy my Sixty Seconds of Motion for January.


Did you see me sledding?!? I was freezing my butt off, but it really was so fun. And my daughter’s squeals of delight were completely worth my frozen tush.

If you’re cold after watching my film, feel free to grab some hot chocolate. Then make sure to head over to my sweet friend Nikki’s blog. She’s a Documentary Family Film Photographer in Houston, Texas. Her film this month is from a recent Fresh 48 Session she did. If you’re a Momma like me, I know you will love watching it and remembering those hazy, sleepy memories from your own baby’s first few days in this hospital. Make sure to follow the loop around and let the other film-makers know how much you love their films. I’d appreciate it ever so much.

Are you interested in a film of your family doing something you enjoy (no frozen limbs required!)? Hit the button below and tell me about it! I’d love to create a film for you of your sweet family’s memories! :)

Till next time…

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