Sunflower Mini Session Photography: Britt's Garden Acres in Manhattan, KS

The annual Sunflower Mini Photography Sessions I host are quite possibly my favorite time, every Fall. Last September, I held them at a new location. The first two years, they were at Kansas State University in one of their fields. But last year, I heard about a 30 acre field at Britt’s Farm, just outside of Manhattan, so I had to check it out. This field was incredible with row after row of sunflowers. I knew it would make the perfect spot for the mini sessions and I really feel it didn’t disappoint!

The field at Britt’s Garden Acres was incredible and the families that joined me for the Mini Photography Sessions had a wonderful time. We laughed, told hilarious “dad jokes” (really, my favorites) and just had a great time. Best of all, my clients killed two birds with one stone: They had amazing fall family photos taken for their Christmas cards (in September!) all while laughing, playing and just spending time together as a family. That last part is my goal for every session, full, mini, wedding, newborn, any time of photography that I shoot: that clients would be able to slow down, breath in life and joy and just be together.

Below are some of my favorites from last year and I have to apologize in advance for the overshare! Britt’s Farm was truly an amazing place to be! The field will be blooming again in the next couple weeks and I can’t wait to go back to capture more of this beauty!

Of course, you might recognize my little and I in those last images. I have photographed her at my Sunflower Mini Sessions for the last 3 years because she loves exploring and I love the unique setting. Last year, I got out my sturdy tripod and decided to hop in the frame myself. That photograph of the two of us is still one of my favorites. And I know one day, she’ll look at it and remember our annual stroll out in the sunflower field together.

My Annual Sunflower Mini Sessions are expected to be sometime between September 5th and 15th this year. That’s coming up fast!! Want to get first access to the Sunflower Mini Session times when bookings open? Get on my mailing list by heading over to my Sunflower Mini Session VIP Signup. Those on my mailing list will get exclusive access to session times, two days before the public. They book fast, so don’t miss out on this incredible time (and some really cool Christmas card images!!) for your Fall Family Photos!

Till next time…

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