It's your big day
Let's tell your story with photographs that will transport you back

Weddings are a fun-filled, wonderful days, full of the people you love, celebrating you both. Flowers, cake (yum!), good food, great music, sweet love-filled moments and Aunt Betty dancing the night away. We'll work together to craft the perfect story in images, capturing every detail and every moment in between along the way. 

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Wedding Photography-Manhattan KS.jpg
Wedding Photography-Radinas-Manhattan KS.jpg
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when i look at you, i feel it. when i look at you, I’m home.
— Finding Nemo
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Wedding Photography-Flint Hills Discover Center-Manhattan KS.2.jpg
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Wedding Photography-Manhattan KS.3.jpg
Wedding Photography-Flowers-Manhattan KS.jpg
Wedding Photography-Radinas Coffeehouse-Manhattan KS.3.jpg
Wedding Photography-Church-Manhattan KS.jpg
Wedding Photography-Flinthills Discovery Center-Manhattan KS.jpg
Wedding Photography-Rings-Manhattan KS.jpg
Wedding Photography-Flowers-Manhattan KS.3.jpg
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Wedding Photography-Flint Hills Discovery Center-Manhattan KS.3.jpg