Simon Family: Lifestyle Photography and Moving Portrait Film at K-State University Gardens

First Official Family Photos. Those are the big ones in a family’s life, right? Well, I mean, aside from photographing your wedding day or your bringing your newborn home. But that very first one, where your little one is a smidge older, maybe 6 months, sitting up more and their personality starts to show, that’s where the family photos really start.

When the Simon family inquired about a session and Kayla told me it would be their first family photos together, my heart skipped a beat. That first year or two of your baby’s life is so chaotic and hectic with middle of the night feedings, learning new things (both for baby and parents), teething, eating and all the little pieces in between, we sometimes forget about the beautiful moments. Like your sweet baby’s smile or their tiny little toes, their sweet little skin rolls and toothless (or maybe just 2 teeth) grins with drooling chins. So to allow a photographer to come along side and capture those beautiful moments, to remind you of them when you’re tired, well, that just makes my heart sing.

Add to the fact that we created a Moving Portrait Family Film to capture these moments for The Simon Family, and that is indeed priceless. I love videography because it adds the layer of movement and music to these sessions. While you’re sweet babe is cute, and her smile is contagious, you never want to forget how she grabs your face when you give her kisses on her cheeks or the how she use to grasp your finger with her tiny hand. Those moments, some times lost in still images, come to live with movement.

This sweet family was no exception. You could tell that mom and dad absolutely loved their sweet little babe. Kayla and Josh met while Kayla was a student at the college Josh worked for. He was the Director of I.T. and she went to him for help with her laptop after she returned home from a mission’s trip. They fell in love, got married and started volunteering together with the youth group at their church. Then, this sweet little babe came along.

Like adults and older kids, babies can have their ups and downs. I always have a few tricks up my sleeve (and always give parents tips to help baby have their best session), but this little lady was the most easy-going, happiest baby I’ve ever met! She was content being held, but also content just hanging out on her own, which gave us the opportunity to capture some sweet moments.

Giving clients moments like this, to hang on their walls or create a photo album, is what I live for. These times are fleeting and pass oh, so quickly. If you don’t intentionally pause to just savor the moment, it’s gone before you know it and with life, you never get those moments back.

Family laughing and spending time together during a Lifestyle Photography Session at Kansas State University Gardens in Manhattan, Kansas.

The link to their film is below, I hope you enjoy it!


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